Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mostly on Twitter Now

Like the title says: Come find me on Twitter if you are interested in what I'm up to.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Wargamers: How do you blog from your phone?

So, you guys know I am back now, but I am struggling to find an app that is easy to use for Blogger on my iPhone. I absolutely cannot make posts from the web version of the Blogger dash (all the photo menus and stuff are infuriating. I have tried a couple of apps, but they weren't able to see recent photos from my phone, only week-old or older photos. I used to have a great blogger app years ago, but it isn't there any more. I am wondering what you use and if it works easily.

Another question I have is: Do you even use blogs as your main source of looking at cool models and keeping up with the hobby? I can tell you I really don't. I am all over Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for my hobby needs and I never really look to the blogs as my first source for any of it, even news.

What's your experience? What are your thoughts? How are you taking in your hobby?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Choosing a color scheme for my Bloodbound

TJ here and I want to discuss possible color schemes for my Khorne Bloodbound army for Age of Sigmar. Initially, I wanted to lean away from things I have done before and I also actually don't enjoy the typical Khorne all-red-and-brass scheme. The first scheme that grabbed my eye was the very Black Legion style above. Honestly, It is still a strong favorite of mine. I also would be open to running this scheme and all models in the army having red skin even. Let's take a look at some of the additional ideas. BTW, these examples are from all over the web and are not my models.

Fateweaver and new Changeling spotted!

TJ here to talk about some photos going around the internet right now. Of course I am back to my Chaos ways (though I am back mostly as an Age of Sigmar player now! I saw the Lord of Change last week and got excited. I already knew the kit had Fateweaver in it, but I have waited all week to see what he might look like! There are more pics below as well as a link to a decent initial review.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Magnus the Red Daemon Primarch Spotted at FW Open


A Warlord Titan Worthy of the Emperor!

TJ here because when I see something truly incredible, I have to share. Today I want to introduce you to a Warlord Titan with a paint job worthy of the God Machine. This bad boy has dozens of freehand paintings on it and a Baneblade on the base. Better yet, he goes into a little detail of what it takes to put this model together right in terms of pinning and magnetization.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Soul Grinders, Land Raiders and Daemon Princes for Sale

TJ here again with some more shameless fundraising! This time I have two Sould Grinders, A potential Daemon Prince conversion and two land raiders up for grabs.